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TV oh my!

I do a lot of "lives" on my facebook at never ever did I think a live TV interview would be so challenging. It was fun and aired last night on WNDU! Jack was a blast to work with and tweeked so I didn't sound as silly as I felt I sounded lol. Ahhh life is fun! My goal this week is to get all of our scents on this page! And get the Valentines Day gift boxes posted as well! Did you know we have a store in Niles Michigan at the Market Place? 2428 S 11th street they are open from 10 to 6 daily so if you are local you can always come smell all the fragrances! Not sure what I love more our business or our customers you all really rock and I love when I actually get to meet you at a show or when you respond to a facebook post! Here is to 2021, it may be rough but darn it at least we can make its smell amazing!!!!

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